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Autumn 2020 Term 2

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

YOU DID IT! You have helped to raise enough funds for us to replace our mini trampoline and purchase 5 sets of waterproofs. This is amazing and our children think so too. The trampoline is constantly being used and helping to developing children’s core muscles, co-ordination and happy minds. The waterproofs are providing warmth as well as dryness which is very much needed at the moment. Thank you.

This term has been full of creativity, science, developing independence and keeping positive in such challenging times.

We started the term off by celebrating firework week. Children developed their fine motor skills as they made salt picture and used a pipette with food colouring. Mastering a pipette can be tricky and the children took them into their environment independently and used them with coloured water to mix the liquid which prompted conversation as they noticed changes. Our younger members got themselves engaged in splatter painting using cardboard tubes, having a go at using scissors to create a slits. We explored our wider surroundings and collected sticks from the woods making sure they were of a certain length and thickness for our bonfire, our children were very particular on what made a good bonfire stick. Our older children held sparklers and demonstrated excellent safety skills following instructions which generated a fun and bright afternoon. The children made edible sparklers with breadsticks, melted chocolate and added sprinkles. It’s not surprising these were very popular.

Remembrance Day always has so much meaning to all. The staff at St Lawrence Pre-School were so proud of all our children as they created poppies in a variety of ways using resources from our mark making area. We displayed them and made our very own poppy field. We watched CBeebies Poppy animation which encouraged a conversation about feelings then walked to the war memorial to lay a wreath made out of red hand prints. We thought about people who are special to us for 1 minute while staying still and quiet.

World Science Day provided opportunities for children to work together as a team and make predictions and ask questions. Their observations about the changes that were happening created laughter and excitement, so much so that the activities have been revisited many times. Science has helped our children to understand about germs as they added soap to their finger and watched the powered spice move in the milk away from their finger. Children focused for extended periods of time as they created mini volcanoes using vinegar and bicarbonate of soda.

Road safety week got us talking about signs and symbols we see when were out and about. We use the no entry sign inside preschool to teach our children of area or items that they can’t use i.e. at tidy up time a no entry sign is hung on the slide. The children are very good at communicating to others that the slide is now closed. Our children have a very good understanding on why we wear high vis jackets when we go out of preschool grounds and can reiterate our road safety rules. 1, High vis jacket must be worn. 2, Hold walking line. 3, Stop, look and listen if we need to cross the road. 4, Stop if we see a moving vehicle. Some made traffic lights demonstrating good scissor skills and used them in their play while others were keen to play the traffic light game with coloured card while on the bikes. The children took it in turns to call the colours.

We love books and stories of all description. This term we have introduced the children to certain aspects of a book, title and author. Every morning the children sign in using a photograph of themselves. The children have to choose between two books as to which book they would like to hear before end of morning session. The book with the most votes gets read and becomes one of the books for the next day. When children learn the structure of a story they start to join in with the story telling and become very enthusiastic and passionate about the story. Simon Sock by Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet has been hugely popular this term, so much so the children helped us create a week’s of sock activities. We made sensory socks, spoke about our sock going on an adventure, made caterpillar socks and used socks to make bubbles. The impact this book has had on the children and staff has seen us decide on 6 story books which get revisited over the term. We call these our core books. We had a blast!

Christmas activities have been very much part of our routine. Children have embraced the daily decorating of our Christmas tree. This has developed their spatial awareness and tinsel is now distributed more evenly as children have slowed down their approach and have taken time to think about where to place the decorations. Children are communicating with other as to where to place baubles and we have different difficulties of tread to manipulate to be able to hang the bauble on the tree. The children have created salt dough decorations, pictures and cards, as well as threading with Christmas pasta and made mince pies. Yum. Our Christmas parties were very low key and more of the traditional kind, but a visit from Santa (watched on the preschool laptop) and a treasure hunt to find chocolate coins made for a “best part ever” as said by one of our children.


Staff training is very important to us as it allows us to keep our practise evolving. It highlights our strengths and allows us to provide the best environment for your children to grow and develop in. All staff have attending a twilight workshop on Quality of Education. This has reinforced what we do. Intent, what we want for all children. Implementation, how does what we do fulfil the intent. Impact, what we are hoping to achieve through what we have planned/chosen. The three I’s are very much imbedded with our daily practice.

I’m sorry to say Debbie will not be returning to us from maternity leave due to family priorities. Debbie has offered to be an extra pair of hands when needed so it’s not a permanent goodbye. We wish Debbie and her family all the best for the future.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your amazing support during this term. You really are a fabulous group of parents!

The team at St Lawrence Pre-School would like to wish you all a safe and very Happy Christmas. We return Monday 4th January 2021.

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