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Autumn Term 1 2022

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

A very big warm welcome back to our new and existing families and friends. It seems from the comments we’ve received from parents and the enthusiasm of the children; little ones are pleased to be back. Our new recruits have been amazing and shown such bravery at times as they’ve learnt to adjust to their new routine.

The start of the new year is the perfect opportunity to rebuild and develop those much-needed routines. In order to support all children, our ‘leader of the day’ has been ensuring the timeline is following the day correctly. A timeline is a visual medium that shows children what’s happening, what’s next and when the day will end. For some children this visual support is a comfort and reassurance as to ‘mummy/daddy’ coming back.

‘Leader of the day’ what does that involve……. Each day a different child is invited to be the leader, in the eyes of the children this role is VERY IMPORTANT and children volunteer themselves or asking when it’s their turn again. The leader rings the bell and waits for the children to acknowledge the sound by putting up their hand, is the front stop when lining up, ensures the timeline is updated and is a role model for the day. There is very much a focus on the leader and not all children relish this, for those who decline, we build on their confidence to have a go and a member of staff and child work together at the daily tasks. Why do we do this…… when your child moves onto big school, we want them to have the confidence to speak out to others, have their thoughts and ideas listened to and be the best person of themselves they can be.


‘What makes me, me’

Thank you to everyone who brought in their special boxes. These have been fabulous, and the children have demonstrated a high level of respect for others property by asking to look in the boxes. You have been very creative in the contents, and we’ve had a wonderful insight as to the personalities of the children outside of preschool. This has built vocabulary, working together and the thinking process as questions were asked.

We used nature to create pictures of ourselves using leaves, twigs and conkers….. we have LOVED conkers this year. Conker rolling in paint, tubes, down tables, weighing, collected them in containers and they have just about appeared in all areas of learning inside and out. We have some wonderful transporters, and by leaving these in the areas have provided opportunities for others to engage their learning. ‘The Leaf man’ story book got us making leaf people and taking our leaves on a journey.

We are so fortunate to have local woods and orchards nearby and we try and get out as much as possible. We would like to do this more but in order for this to happen we need some volunteers, if you have some free time and would like to assist us on these mini outings, please speak to a member of staff. Our orchard visit got us exploring the apple trees and we noticed the different coloured apples, magnifying glasses helped us get a closure look at the apples skin. As we tasted some, we discussed the anatomy and used words such as crunchy, juicy, cold, hard to describe what we were eating. Some of us remembered green fruit helps fight off illnesses while red fruit helps to strengthen our hearts.

Shake and Bake

Wednesday’s Lawrence Bear invites the children to bake with him. This is a chance to explore different seasonal foods, techniques and food processes. We received some positive feedback from parents, “my child is now trying new foods at home” “asking to do baking like Lawrence Bear” “excited it’s Wednesday because we’re baking”

Some of our delights we’ve made this term;

Blackberry and apple crumble

White chocolate Krispie cakes with sprinkle (that bit is super important)

Apple turnovers

Bread/dough exploring flour and yeast

Pumpkin pizzas

Children’s requests are a big part of our baking sessions and usually consists of cake or chocolate and of course promoting a balance diet and the health benefits to all food groups we bring their ideas to life.

Why not have a go at baking with your child at home. Apples and Blackberry crumble – delicious!

We use these guidelines as some children like to create their own process.


This allowed us to explore our senses and think of where our food comes from. We created a mini farm shop and children delight in putting real food into paper bags, examining vegetables identifying them. Children took on roles of shop keepers and shoppers and worked together taking turns.

We used pluses for pouring and filling containers acknowledging empty/full.

We were lucky to be invited to St Lawrence church for a harvest praise. Our children were fabulous, we listened to a story, learnt a new song and played a fishing game. Thank you, Serena and Sam for having us. On arrival to the church the children placed our food bank donation in the boxes – thank you to all who contributed. We will continue to collect food to support this food bank throughout the year. A basket can be found just inside our hall.

Pumpkin and spider week

This week was VERY orange! Our committee have supplied real and papier mache pumpkins for children to be creative in their own way. We read the ‘Pumpkin Who was Afraid of the Dark’ and spoke about what made us scared and what we could do to feel better. Hammer and tees allowed us to take safe risks in using the hammers ensuring we kept ourselves and others safe. For some of our younger members they developed their fine motor skills applying stickers and creating crazy faces.

Spiders are not everyone’s favourite creature, but our children thoroughly embraced the Arachnida’s. Children learnt all spiders spin silk, have 8 legs, their bodies have an abdomen and a head which may have six or eight eyes. We explored sensory web trays and used tweezers to lift out the spiders.

Staff/Committee News

All staff have completed their annual online Prevent training. This allows us to stay updated and highlights any adjusted needed to our practice.

In the summer term we asked parents/carers to complete our online survey. We welcome feedback at any time, and we are extremely grateful to those who completed the questionnaire.

Some of your comments about what you like about us…

"It's like a friendly family "

"The friendly staff, overall care and attention given to the children and the learning activities carried out. "

“Keep doing what you are doing as it’s a great setting”

"The pre school combine a nurturing atmosphere along with an educational setting extremely well.

You gave us 5* for..

· How welcome we make you feel

· How approachable you find staff

· Keeping you informed

· Discussions regarding your child’s development

· How we support your child

Area for consideration…

· External companies coming into preschool

Our response: We would love to provide a constant flow of new experiences using outside companies, unfortunately this comes at a huge cost. We welcome all ideas and support towards fundraising as this provides extra funds to facilitate this. Term 5, 6 and Term 1 2022 we welcomed Musical Bumps.

· More time outside and walks

Our response: Children are offered open door as much as possible and open-door practice is in place when ratios allow. Everyday children have morning and afternoon outside play. Staff would also welcome extra visits to the woods and orchard, but we do need volunteers to accommodate this.

Wednesday 21st September 2022

We had an unannounced Environmental Health Inspection. The inspector checked our practice and confirmed standards were high and we maintained our Food Hygiene Rating 5.

Parent/Carer Information

Sevenoaks Children’s Centres, October – December programme 2022

Register with the Children’s Centres

Sign consent form to join groups

Dates for your diary

Monday 31st October - Start of Term 2

Tuesday 6th December – Christmas mini production – all invited

Thursday 8th December – Christmas party

Wednesday 14th December – Trip to St Lawrence Church – All invited

Friday 16th December – Term 2 ends

Monday 9th January 2023 – Start of Term 3

Once details have been finalised more information will follow.

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