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Newsletter Term 1

I cannot believe we have already come to the end of term 1.  We have had a truly wonderful time as we welcomed new families and everyone slowly settles back into a routine. The children have been busy exploring, creating and investigating and getting a little messy. Here is a little taster as to what we have been up to…..

Our environment

The first few weeks we looked at our outside environment and planted flowers in milk bottle cartons.  The children listened to instructions and followed a sequence to produce some fabulous looking planters. As we talked about the life cycle of plants and what they need to flourish, pots and pans become the prefect tool for watering the planters.  These can still be seen hanging on the fence. 

Harvest and autumn 

Harvest week we went tractor crazy. We made tyre marks, used our tractors for transporting mud, listen to story books and got totally absorbed in a huge factual tractor book.  This was extremely popular with all the children.  The little red hen brought home the meaning of helping others is a kind thing to do. From this story we made bread rolls and the process became quite sticky at times.  We explored our outside environment and discovered in autumn you can find blackberries.  We took some back to preschool and made apple and blackberry crumble. Yum!

Out and about

The staff thoroughly enjoy taking the children out into our local environment and we do this as much as we can when ratios allow.  This term we have made a trip to the post box and a delivery to the church. Thank you for your kind donations and supporting our contributions towards the local food bank. We all wear high visibility waistcoats and hold a walking line. The children know and understand if we see a moving vehicle we stop. Staff are enormously proud of how the children adhere to the expectations of them when were away from the preschool. 


We celebrated the rugby world cup and introduced the children to food from the host nation Japan and tag rugby. Children and staff had long pieces of ribbon hanging from their clothes as we ran around trying to grab them. This created some laugh out loud giggles and a game that has been requested a few times now. The offerings of Japanese food for us to sample at snack time was sampled with a little hesitation from some, but almost all the children tried something different before deciding if they liked it. Thank you again for the food brought in. 

Crackerjack pyjama day turned into a huge story day of Goldilocks and the three bears. The children became story tellers as they acted out the story, listened to the story and turned pages as well as learnt a Goldilocks song. All donations have been sent off. 

Safe risks / Independence 

Never underestimate the ability of 2 – 4 year olds!  We have been looking at ways and what activities we can provide to challenge our children with their decision making and develop their independence.  Climbing equipment is always popular and what we’ve started to see is, once confidence has been gain the children start to think more creatively on how to get up and over the frame. The older children have been introduced to real crockery and Lawrence bear was sent an invite to attend afternoon tea.   Risk assessments are all in place for all our activities and available for you to look at any time.  

Snack time has seen all the children’s independence develop. We have introduced a washing up station. Not only do the children collect their own plate and cup, pour their chosen drink of milk (now in a milk bottle) or water, they wash up their own items. As the term has progressed we have noticed how children’s fine and gross motor skills have developed as they use the washing up cloth to wipe their plate and then the tea towel for drying, even the younger ones are mastering this. GO PRESCHOOL CHILDREN. 

All about me / links with home

This is something we would really appreciate your time with. The ‘All about me’ books in your child’s book bag can be treated as a scape book and anything your child wants to put in them I know will be amazing.   This can be in the form of mark making, photos, tickets absolutely anything goes.  All we ask is you encourage your child to place their book in the blue basket above their individual tray for us to look at together during the day. We will also invite your child to add contributions to their book while at preschool. This will create and strengthen shared continuous learning and will help to develop confidence and vocabulary as discussion are had about their creations, whether this be at home or preschool.

We are going to place a library box in the front foyer and we would like to invite you to borrow, return and add books.  Did you know, if you spend 10minutes a day reading to your child it helps them to develop social and emotional skills and become confident, happy learners? It also helps to stimulate their imagination, expand their understanding of the world and develop language and listening skills.  Book trust have created helpful guides with tips on reading with your child. 


Change for change jars will be coming home next term.  Please feed these jars with your loose change and once they are full return them to preschool, get visiting family and friends involved. 

I’m excited to tell about our mini St Lawrence Christmas bizarre.  This will be held on Tuesday 10th December in the afternoon.  Children will be making all wonderful items to sell. If you would like to hire a table for £10 please let me know (no cake sales as we will have our pop café open).  Photographs of your child will be available order.  Hannah (Ophelia’s mummy) is a pro with the camera and has kindly offered to take photos of the children. Once I have arranged a date with Hannah I will let you know. 

Dates for your diary

Touch of clay:  MONDAY 18th NOVEMBER.  Jackie is popping in to create a unique Christmas bauble with your child and offers these to us at a discounted price. I will be sending home order forms in the new term.  Don’t be put off ordering if Monday is not your child’s day, staff will create their master piece with them. I have used Jackie’s services for many years now and have learnt all the tricks. 

Children’s Christmas party TUESDAY 3rd DECEMBER 10.30am – 12.45pm 

No need for parents to stay although a few parent helpers would be much appreciated. Please let me know if you’re able to help. If this is not your child’s session I do ask for £5 donation. 

Christmas production TUESDAY 10th DECEMBER 1pm – 2.30pm

All families are invited to watch a Christmas production in the large hall. This give the children a chance to dress up and show off their singing talent.  This will be followed by our mini Christmas bizarre. 

More information about these individual events will follow 


I’d like to welcome Lisa Ross to our team. Lisa will be working every Wednesday and increasing her hours in January. Lisa is a qualified level 3 Early Years Practitioner. Lisa calmness and her approach to early years has already seen the children warm to her. 

A huge congratulations to Debbie and her family with the expected arrival of their second child in March. Debbie starts her maternity leave in January and plans on returning to us in the Autumn term 2020.  We will be advertising for maternity cover. 

Preschool staple resources

I’m quite often asked if preschool need anything. There are a few items that become much loved and used. If you would like to add to our stock we can never have enough paper plates, paper cups, food colouring, rice (to dye), string, wooden pegs, play dough ingredients (flour, oil, salt), cornflour, sensitive shaving foam and any mark making tools (pens, pencils, chalk etc).

If you have any comments or suggestion on what we are doing well or what could be improve please let me know. I’m going to be putting a suggestion box in the front foyer in case you would like to make your thoughts anonymous. 

I still have session available if anyone is considering increasing their child’s hours.

Thank you as always for being so fabulous to us and supporting us in all what we do.


Term 2 dates: Monday 28th October - Friday 18th December  

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