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Newsletter Term 2 | Autumn 2019

As we have come to the end of yet another term we find ourselves having had lots of laughs and continued learning experiences.

Vegetable soup

We started the term off with a week of chopping, slicing and scraping vegetables to prepare them for what turned out to be rather a delicious soup. This demonstrated perseverance and strength as we realised winter vegetables are quite hard to prepare. This activity developed those all-important core muscles and fine motor skills as pressure was needed to get the vegetables ready for the pot. It also built on the children’s focus and concentration as one child, through determination, spent 20 minutes peeling a carrot. This activity was not just about the end product but more about the process the children went through to get there and what a bonus- we got to enjoy the soup too! As preparation was taking place we sang our ‘Chip Chop’ song.

“Chip chop, chippy chop. Cut off the bottom and cut off the top, anything else goes into the pot”

Once the vegetables had been prepared we realised we had peelings left. The children knew we put them in our food waste pot for them to be recycled and put to good use.

November activities

All children took part in making firework pictures where we discussed our favourite colours and it’s ok to like something different to our friend. Colour mixing with power paint allowed for investigation into quantities, too much water does not make good paint. Splatter painting, marble and blow painting all took place during this week.

Our older children took part in a fire pit and we enjoyed a marshmallow while listening to story. We voted to decide which story we would have. This involves counting the votes and which has the highest number.

Remembrance Day is a very meaningful event. Our children created red hand print poppies to ma

ke a wreath. We were so proud of our preschoolers. Their respect and thinking process when we visited the memorial to lay our poppy wreath was outstanding. We did have a dilemma when our wreath blew away and we needed to decide what we could weigh it down with. Leaves were thought of first and then "a stone it's heavier" was thought be the better option by a 3yr old, all agreed. We held a minute silence (more silent wiggle) before returning to preschool.

Fire station

Thank you to all who join us at Sevenoaks Fire and Rescue Station. Firefighter Jason was fabulous. He had the children engaged from the start and as soon he mentioned Paw Patrol and he did the same things as Marshall the children were hooked. They shows us how incidents come through to the station and gets printed out on a huge printer. The call centre even personalised the incident and addressed it to one of our children. We got a tour of the fire engine and was allowed a sit in it. Thank you to the parents who donated to their movember appeal.


We have looked at sustainability with our Christmas tree. We have purchased a real tree which the children have replanted into a larger pot. The children will learn how to look after the tree and why trees are so important for us, in the hope we will be able to use this tree for many years to come. The children have all been offered the chance to help decorate the tree, either with baubles or their own creations. Some wanted to make paper chains. This activity encouraged the need for care/calm and problem solving while allowing for safe risks when the top of the tree couldn’t be reached.

The bazaar got children making and creating with the snowman trying to find his nose at one point. A huge thank you for joining us and taking part in our festive activities. You have helped to raised £170. All fundraising goes directly back into the preschool where all children benefit from new resources or we are able to send staff on training courses which enhances daily practice.

If you still have last minute Christmas shopping to do?? Please consider using our fundraising page. This really is at no cost to you but every time you use our page we get a little something. We have raised £46.47 so far. Just a few sample shops are Argos, John Lewis, Waitrose, Amazon, M&S, Sports Direct, Boots etc.

Leader of the day

It occurred to me that you may not know what this role entails and for our children it’s an important role to accept so I’d like to give you an insight into it. A child is asked if they would like to become our leader for the day and take on the responsibilities that come with it. The child will then become the front stop every time lining up is needed, ie going outside, going to the bathroom. They demonstrate to the others what is expected behaviour and the need to encourage others to listen to grown ups. The leader rings the bell and gives instructions as to what’s next, using the time line to support what they are saying. The leader get to choose our story CD which we now listen to while we are eating our lunch. This encourages focus as we eat and once we have listen to story we have quiet conversation. The leader help refresh the water bottles after lunch and generally if a decision needs to be made the leader is asked their opinion. We have a register for choosing the leader which ensures every child as a fair turn.


Just to clarify why and how the password system works. Safeguarding is of a paramount importance at St Lawrence. You have all given us a password which acts a security measure when you are arranging for someone different to collect your child. You inform a member of staff of who is collecting giving us their name and confirm they know your password. If in the event you forget to let us know and an unannounced visitor turns up to collect your child given us your password, (even if we know them) I will seek to get permission from you as a parent to allow your child to leave with them. If a senior member of staff is unable to contact either parent then a series of personal questions about the child will be asked to ensure they are known to the your family. I would like to add that I don’t mean to cause any inconvenience and understand that in the stress of last minute arrangements, parents can forget to notify us. However we do have to ensure that children are going home with the correct people and the EYFS imposes strict rules and guidelines around safeguarding for us to follow.

Staff and training

We would like to wish Debbie all the best as she starts her maternity leave. We hope Debbie will be back with us during the next academic year. I will be in touch with all of Debbie’s key children parents before we return in January, apologises I’ve not manage to do this before we finished.

I have attended the following courses this term, Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) refresher. This has highlighted an amendment on our existing injury form. You will now have a body map to clearly identify where the injury is on the body.

Global Action Programme Workshop. This helps to give us ideas on our continued sustainability. We hope you liked your t-shirt bags?

All staff will complete FGM in January

Mary has attended a LIFT (Local Inclusion Forum Team). This keeps us updated with all SENCo practice and helps to build relationships with Specialist teachers.

Next term

We have had a taster session with Musical Bumps and I’m please to say they will be joining us on a Wednesday afternoon to deliver a 45 minute music session.

Our theme will be nursery rhymes

That just leaves me to say THANK YOU for a brilliant year and from ALL of us at St Lawrence Pre-School would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

We return Monday 6th January 2020

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