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Spring 2020 Term 3

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Can you believe we are almost half way through the year.  We welcome new families and friends this term and it's been a pleasure to watch our children show kindness and consideration to our new starters. This is a real strength of our children.

Easy Fundraising

A few of you have signed up to our 'Easy Fundraising' page. It would be fantastic if we could get a few more. If you shop online then this will be easy peasy and there is no cost to you.  Use the link below to register or download the app. There’s a huge variety of stores just waiting to donate money to us. Thank you so much for your support.

The staff at St Lawrence are always looking at ways to provide different activities and challenges for our children. Risk play is vital for children to monitor their own safety and this enabled them to think about special measures in order to keep themselves safe.  We have introduced real crockery again which has offered the thought process of being responsible for our actions. If a plastic toy is dropped on the floor there are no real consequences unlike dropping a china tea cup. The children have shown respect for the equipment and their engagement was extended during this activity.

The wall at the far end of the car park become the perfect climbing apparatus for the children to challenge themselves. The children helped to create boundaries and rules which were put in place.  1, Do you think the bricks are slippery so is it a good idea to climb? 2, You can climb if an adult is close by 3, Only one child to climb at a time etc. If you were unable to climb to the top of the wall unaided then there was still some growing to do and a few bricks up was enough of a challenge for now.   The grit and determination shown by some of the children to climb to the top was amazing.

We have continued with cooking activities this term. We've made a cake which offered the chance to crack an egg with the 'have a go' approach. Yes we got some shell in the bowl but it was soon removed and the self praise of 'I did that' got them encouraging others. We made pizza's and learnt how to use the grater and cut salad using the bridge method. The children are indicating a real understanding for this safe food preparation method and using it unprompted at snack time. Go our children! Pizzas were particularly yummy too. We ended the term making Banana and Oat muffins for Valentine’s Day. Mashing the bananas took real strength.

This term has also seen the introduction of our playdough station. This is an area where the children self choose to make playdough with the dilemma of quantities of flour to water.   This has increased curiosity and knowledge as well as having a calming effect.  For some they are at the stage where they can squish, mould and roll their dough and offer suggestions to others.  This will continue into next term.

Story week allowed our imaginations to go wild and not only did we decide The SelfishCrocodile was our favourite book we also created our own.  The story was about a cake made with a group of children and if you ate some you turned into either a squirrel or cake? We brought our story alive and made a cake and after trying some and nothing occurred we realised ANYTHING can happen in a story.   We took turns and used the kindle to take part in an interactive story.  This developed our listening skills as questions were asked at the end.  We had a visit from Helen who delivered a signing story time of Were Going On A Bear Hunt.  Helen works for the charity More Than Words. The children were engaged from the start and the edible mud play at the end just made it the best story ever! Thank you to Hannah.L for arranging this for us.

The children’s library box has been quite popular. We don’t mind how many books you borrow at a time, it’s so lovely to hear the children’s excitement in wanting to read them. We have decided to offer an adults mini library. If you have any magazines or books you would like to donate and share with others that would be great. No gossip magazines thank you just ones that would enhance our lives such as well being,  home, outside activities etc. Reading is so important for allowing us to learn new things and explore new ideas.

You may of noticed our slide and large wooden connecting blocks which have been a huge success with all our children. These have come from Emporium Plus and will be on loan for a few more weeks when we return after half term. Upon arrival the slide instantly turned into a pirate ship and creative play commenced. We've dressed up, read pirate stories, as well as being patient we took turns and realise rules keep us safe. The children came up with suitable ways to travel on and around the slide which have been encouraged by all. The wooden blocks have twisting connectors which have tested some, but through perseverance they mastered how to use the connectors and the blocks became a variety of vehicles.

Over the past few months we have been advertising for a qualified practitioner to join our established team.  I'm please to confirm Clair Cooper has excepted the post and will join us on Thursday 5th March. Clair comes with a wealth of experience from her Early Years and Nannying career. This term Clair will be working Thursday's and Friday's and increasing to Monday's in term 5.

We hope you've enjoyed reading your child's development folders and don't forget to add your comments about how you feel your child's development is going. You can meet with your child's key person at any time during the term and add any suggestions to contribute to their learning.   We welcome this.

Please read our information boards in the front foyer. Recently added are dates and times for local clinics, drop ins and courses run by Sure Start. These are all free to attend. If you feel you need support or just want a chat we’re here to help.

Term 4 starts Monday 24th February.

Thank you for your continued support in all what we do.

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