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Spring term 2023


A very warm welcome to our new family and friends who have joined us this term. Our children as always have excelled themselves as they made our new recruits feel at ease and comfortable during their early days. Listening and responding to their needs to make them feel secure in their new environment and supported them all to settle into preschool life.

We’ve had such fun this term and no day is ever the same. World Book Day was celebrated with gusto and thank you to all the children for bringing in their favourite book and prop to bring their book to life. It’s wonderful to see so many children enjoying books and storytelling. We’ve created a story board from our popular Jake and Ziggy books, this offers the children to narrate their own version of a story.

We have a resident robin who often comes to say hello to us whilst we’re outside playing. There was no better week then the Big Garden Bird Watch to learn more about our feathered friend and his garden buddies, did you know….

· Eats worms – we are very generous in finding our robin worms – creating a whole different level of learning,

· Sings in the winter as well as the spring.

RSPB have some amazing resources and their flash cards became very popular. The children created tally charts to help keep track of what birds have been spotted.

Please use the link to printout your own bird spotting chart…. Let us know how you get on.

At St Lawrence Pre-School we want children to be aware of other cultures and beliefs and this term has been no exception to that. We tried new foods such as noodles and spring rolls using chop sticks, we found them to be quite tricky. We embraced the colour red as it is the most popular colour in China as it’s seen as happiness and good luck. We made red envelopes and did some coin rubbing, sending each other money bags.

We also celebrated St David’s Day by creating our own unique daffodil, looking at colours and mixing yellow and blue to make green. We spoke about the different parts of the flower and went on a yellow colour hunt in our immediate surroundings.

St Patrick’s Day got us looking for a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Semi circles became shape of the day as we explored a variety of colours. We were keen to use our new crayon pens as they made the best marks and we mastered the use of the hole puncher. This offered us the chance to hang our rainbows for all to see.

I’m please to say on the occasion we had the short visit of snow, the few that made it in created their own timeline for the day. We played games, created an obstacle course, had a tea party with real hot chocolate and worked together to make ‘Mr Wobble’ our friendly snowman. We experimented by placing snow in a variety of locations to see if we could make it last – freezer won!

Shake N Bake with Lawrence Bear

This term has all been the introduction of tools and equipment and how to use them safely. Children following instructions to create an end product while other sessions have been all about the process and exploring and experimenting with different ingredients. Children are coming up with their own ideas for Shake N Bake sessions and trying new foods. We even did a science experiment to make our own butter for snacks. With LOTS of shaking we separated the butter milk from the fat which left us with butter to spread on our toast, “can we have this again” one asked……. Absolutely!!


In celebrations of Mothering Sunday, our children had a wonderful morning showing their Mummy’s and Grandma’s what preschool is life is all about. Children supported their grown up by telling them preschool rules and how to keep safe ensuring they followed them. Thank you to all the grown-ups who joined us, and we hoped you enjoyed your morning as much as we did.

Thank you to Rev Serena and Sam at St Lawrence Church for creating a fun Easter celebrations. We took part in a Easter praise, role played the story of Jesus’ arrival in Jerusalem and took part in an Easter egg hunt. We are grateful to our parents/carers who gave to the food bank and we look forward to making more donations in the future. At St Lawrence Pre-School the food bank basket is located just inside our hall, or items can be passed to a member of staff.


Please join us for our AGM taking place Wednesday 26th April 4, 2023

Our committee members have been very generous and have stayed on while their children have moved onto primary school to keep our preschool open. This year we are in need of a Treasure or if you fancy taking on the role of Chair, Stephen will step into the Treasurers role. We always welcome new committee members, please let me know if you are interested in any aspect of the committee.

Continue Professional Development is very important to us. Staff have attended the following courses:

Mary and Clair have refreshed their Paediatric Frist Aid – all members of staff hold a full paediatric first aid certificate.

Mary’s within her SENCo role has attended the termly LIFT(Local Inclusion Forum Team) meetings to enhance her knowledge and skill set. These meeting are attended by Specialists Teachers, Speech and Language Therapist and Health Visitors. To find out more about LIFT meeting use the link below:

Donna has attended Early Years Emotional Regulation Training. We talk to the children a lot about their emotions and have a sensory area for all that may find certain times of the day a challenge. What this course highlighted was we had created a play space with too many objects. We have scaled back what is in this space as to create a much calmer space. This is working well.


Children Centre have released their course dates for April and May 2023. If you would like any help in booking or simply knowing more information, please don't hesitate to speak with a Donna or Mary.

Saturday 22nd April Charity Dinner -with Three Sisters at Chart Farm - this unfortunately has been postponed until later in the year - please keep checking our website/Facebook page for new details for a summer event.

Pre-School Nearly new sale

On Sunday 14th May we are holding a nearly new event - this is an opportunity to sell on previously loved clothes,toys and books and also to help the environment at the same time.

If you would like a stall at the event please email to book a table - its £10 and all proceeds go to the pre-school.

We look forward to welcoming you St Lawrence Committee

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