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Spring Term 4 2021

It seems to me, blink and you would have missed this term. It might have been a short term, but we’ve still managed to pack a lot in.


We started the term off celebrating St David’s Day and our activity focused on the daffodil, Wales’ national flower. This was very much about the process of creating a daffodil rather than making sure the end product conformed to the image of what is daffodil should look like. Children selected all their resources before constructing their flower. Process over product builds on the child’s ability ‘to have a go’ with every outcome a winner.

As you know at St Lawrence Pre-School we are extremely passionate about books and every term we share six core books with the children and one book always stands out from the others. This term our favourite book has been ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ a story very well known by children and adults. We have EXHAUSTED every avenue of this book. So much so, World Book Day created a bear theme to introduce other bear books to the children. We have acted out this story numerous times and as the children grew familiar with the story line, they became the narrators. Our black out tent provided an excellent cave and element of excitement. We discussed the bear’s feelings and why was he chasing us… “he wants to be our friend” “his lonely in the cave” “he doesn’t like us” were just a few statements the children came up with. Sensory trays of the different obstacles developed our curiosity and challenged some of us to explore messy media. The children have access to a variety of books and often this area either becomes a social area where favourite books are shared or a space to just chill an get absorb in the pages by ourselves. We are noticing some of our older children are starting to story tell to our younger ones by using the picture to narrate their story or the story structure is embedded that they can retell from memory.

St Patrick’s Day created a game of chasing snakes (us) away, developing our awareness of others around us as we ran around like crazy snake catchers. This game was very noisy! Children needed to mix blue and yellow paint together to make green for them to colour match a shamrock. Our children are becoming quite skilled in mixing paint and looking at quantities needed.

We of course finished the term with Easter. Firstly THANK YOU to all of you who helped to make an Easter Bonnet, they were all fabulous and the children enjoyed looking at each other’s. The children helped to prepare their picnic lunch and their preparation skills in how to cut food safely is coming very much part their routine.

The children immersed themselves in feet painting this term. There was some apprehension to begin with, but once feet started to be painted there was no stopping them. Children described the feeling of the paint on their skin using words such as slippery and wet. It was just as much fun to wash our feet and then have a jolly good go at getting ourselves dressed.

The children were AMAZING as they walked to the orchard and to hear the squeals of delight as the coloured eggs were spotted hidden amongst the trees was heart-warming. We played hop little bunnies and tried to walk around balancing an egg on a spoon, it was tricky!

We have been really encouraging independence at the snack table and introduce a new skill. We have been juicing oranges and as you can imagine it’s been a very popular addition to the snack table. The children soon realised it’s quite hard work to produce the smallest amount of juice. This has been a tasty way to develop their perseverance and resilience.

Colours have been the daily focus for our activities and children have been identifying their feelings to colours. Speech and Language Therapist have recommended ‘The Colour Monster’ by Anna Llenas. This is wonderful book explores mixed up emotions and how to separate them using colour. We have also enjoyed ‘Mixed’ by Arree Chung which gives a message how it’s okay to be different. If you would like to borrow either of these books, please speak to member of staff.

Creative activities had us using hammers and stones to crush chalk to make chalk paint. This is now set up as an independent activity. Children have coloured sorted various resources and some children are self-selecting the paint draw to mix their own colours.

Staff News

Friday 26th March, Mary celebrated her 11th year at St Lawrence Pre-School. We are so grateful to Mary’s dedication to her role and the support she gives to all. Mary joined St Lawrence Pre-School when her eldest daughter started to attend. Mary became a parent helper and joined the Committee for which she was part of for 3 years, before taking up her role as a member of staff. Thank you Mary.

Donna has refreshed her Paediatric First Aid.

This highlighted a change in legislation regarding medication and preschool can longer have a bottle of antihistamine (Piriton) for ‘a just in case’ there is an emergency. Each child will need to have their own bottle at preschool. In the event of an emergency situation, 999 will be called. Please speak with a member of staff if you have any concerns or wish to discuss this further.

Sally Mollison will be joining the team after Easter. Sally joins us with a wealth of experience in teaching and nursery practice. Sally will be working Mondays and Wednesdays and I’m sure you join me welcoming her to the St Lawrence Team.

Easter Holiday Activities

The Children’s Centre and Adult Education are offering a number of FREE workshops for the whole family over the Easter period and beyond. If you are interested in joining any, just email them to book a place.

The Children’s Centre: or 03000 418 008

Kent Adult Education:

Happy Holidays and see you when we return on Thursday 15th April

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