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Spring Term 4 2022

It has been somewhat of a turbulent term and I can’t thank you all enough for your support. You have kept your child off when they have been poorly and followed guidelines with regard to Covid. Smiled at staff when you know weeks have been challenging and offered kind works of understanding. Our children have continued to thrive and been engaged in a variety of new activities.


We’ve had a few celebrations this term, which has provided opportunities for our children to experience something new. Pancake day got the children zesting lemons and shaking pancake mixture to make the perfect pancakes to flip with. Children demonstrated their strength as they held bats and flipped their pancakes seeing who could make theirs go the highest. We introduced a new book, Mr Wolf’s Pancakes which had a surprise ending which made us all laugh.

‘World Book Day’ was all about your child creating a prop with something they already had at home to bring their favourite book alive. It was wonderful to see so many children bring in homemade items, and they were super excited to share them with their friends. We saw a superhero potato, a wishing jar, wooden spoon characters and a selection of fruit for the Hungry Caterpillar to name just as few . During the day children were able to role play characters from familiar stories and we witness extended engagement as staff challenged the children’s thought process. ‘World Book Day’ was also another great opportunity to revisit Didi Duck who reminds us about being safe online.

Digiduck Stories | Childnet

We quite often look but we don’t see. We have been encouraging our children to notice details around them. St David’s Day was the perfect opportunity to provide observational painting of a daffodil. Children highlighted the position of colours and recreated their findings on paper. We went on an observational walk, where children needed to match pictures to real life objects. Some were easier to find then others, but our children showed determination to match all the pictures. They worked as a team and encouraged each other to join the hunt for certain objects. Your children are amazing!

Fine motor development was our focus for St Patrick’s Day. Children used stickers to create a path to a pot of gold, this is an excellent way for children to development their pincer grip. We got a little messy as we mixed yellow and blue paint and water to cornflour. We have almost all mastered how to use pipettes, and our children who have mastered the technique are helping others. Children collected natural resources to use as a painting pallet and a mark making tool, with nimble fingers clovers were decorated.

We’ve embraced science activities, as children watched coloured dye travel along some celery. Looked at change if something is added and how we can effect that change, in particular our younger members noticed, when washing up liquid is added to water and mixed you get bubbles – and if you jump in the mixture, well the bubbles go crazy!

We’ve observed our children being super busy all morning and some are finding it hard to give themselves some quite time to refresh/recharge. We have introduced structured game/puzzle time in the afternoon and everyone is invited to join a member of staff. This has been very positive and we’ve noticed our children’s engagement and involvement time starting to extend. This time is also providing some fantastic opportunities to develop turn taking, patience and introduction to new words building their vocabulary. One afternoon we experienced seven rounds of ‘Monkeying Around’ being played, all involved were thoroughly engrossed in the game.

Our term ended with our Easter celebrations. We held a morning of Easter activities for all to enjoy and some of our children were convinced they heard the arrival of the Easter bunny during our Easter breakfast. Children were keen to explore the outside area and to their delight found eggs concealed all around. We all joined in ‘Hop Little Bunnies’ and voted for our favourite Easter story to be read. ‘We’re Going on an Egg Hunt’ got the majority vote as the children participate in lifting flaps to discover the hidden eggs. ‘Spots First Easter’ was also popular choice this year.

Staff/Committee News

Donna and Becky have completed their Level 2 in Food Hygiene.

We were last inspected by Environmental Health in February 2022, where we maintained our grade 5 rating, refreshing our knowledge will ensure we continue to work at high standards.

During term 5 we will be holding our annual AGM. You will all be invited and we will be looking for a couple of parents to join our existing committee. This role doesn’t need to take up much of your time, and we are always so extremely grateful for anyone who wants to come on board. Our committee members who have taken on a main role will stand down if a replacement can be found, but equally happy to continue to support preschool even though their child is moving onto big school. We will just need a couple of new members to ensure we meet our constitution. If you are interested, please speak to Donna or Stephen (Joshua’s daddy) or simple email with your interest.

Donna: manager@stlawrencepreschoolsevenoaks.co.uk

Stephen: chair@stlawrencepreschoolsevenoaks.co.uk

Parents/Carers Information

Primary school places September 2022. You will receive your offer on Tuesday 19th April. If you need advice call 03000 41 21 21 or email kentonlineadmissions@kent.gov.uk

There is action you need to take when you’ve received your offer.

For more information: After you get your school offer - Kent County Council

Sevenoaks District Children’s Centre is a wonderful service for families. They offer a range of free courses and support to meet all your family needs. If you like any help in using their service, please let us know.

Spring House Children's Centre | Local Kent Directory

Free Easter activities on over the holidays

Dates for your diary:

Tuesday 19th April – Term 5 starts

Friday 27th May – Last day of term

Monday 2nd May - Bank Holiday - nursery closed

Jubilee celebrations All parents and children invited (more information to follow)

Have a wonderful Easter break

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