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Summer Term 5&6 2022

As we approach the end of our academic year it’s fair to say our not so little ones have developed to be the best version of themselves as they move onto ‘big school’ They will all be missed! They have supported and encouraged our younger members of the group showing such empathy and dedication to others. They really are a caring bunch.

The summer term has seen a celebration, a few visitors and new additions to our provision and practice.


World Bee Day

The children embraced bee week, and absorbed a lot of information about bees. Did you know… bees have 5 eyes, is the only insect that produces food we eat, their body has three parts and the Makaton sign is made up of the letter b and a pinch sign? Our children do. We have extended their vocabulary by using words such as thorax, abdomen, nectar, pollen and to understand their meaning. We thought bees were cool for having bags on their legs. We got messy making flower bombs in the pouring rain under the gazebo and discussed the importance why bees need flowers. We hope for those who made the flower bombs your wild flowers are growing.

Hedgehog week

created opportunities for children to use the hammers and nails to help assemble a hedgehog house. We worked together as a team to place the house under a bush and learnt we can’t revisit it in case we disturb any hoglets. If the sow smells our sent, she will abandon the house leaving the hoglets without any care. We don’t want that to happen. The children thought it was funny hedgehogs got their name for their love the garden and the grunting sound they make. We were very good at making grunting sounds.


We’ve had a lovely day celebrating The Queens Platinum Jubilee. Family and friends joined us for a morning of activities, stories and a fabulous feast. It really was a joint effort with everyone contributing towards the celebration, from a large cake being made, platter of sandwiches, set up help and clearing away. It was a pleasure to welcome families as a whole, as siblings also joined us. They were all fabulous. This had such a positive impact to our children’s well-being, showing their families their space. Thank you for taking the time to be part of this wonderful celebration.

The children were delighted to learn we had received a letter from Buckingham Place. Back in February we made a card for Queen Elizabeth, sending our congratulations on her Platinum Jubilee. There were some surprised faces as we shared the contents of the envelope.

Bake and Shake

with Lawrence Bear has been a huge success with the children. Our cooking activities takes place every Wednesday during our preschool plus sessions, and has encouraged some of our fussy eaters to try new foods, identify different foods groups and learn the names of kitchen equipment. We discuss hygiene and how different coloured foods can help our bodies at each session, and this been really teaching our children life skills. The sense of achievement when they take their creation home to show their grown up is one of pride. We’ve got super messy at times, but this is all part of the process and they love it.


We’ve are extremely lucky to have some lavender fields on our door step. We enjoyed our mid-morning snack in the open and each created a landscape painting. We worked together to make purple paint and we soon learnt blue and red paint was needed. Luckily, we had those colours. Children worked as a team helping each other pour the paint into their chosen pot. Before leaving we checked our space to make sure we weren’t leaving any rubbish behind.

Visitors to pre-school

We have welcomed a number of visitors to the setting during the term. We’ve offered early years’ experience to Wrotham school students and they surprised themselves at how much they learned about the way we interact, support and facilitate our environment to meet the children’s needs. Our children demonstrated their road safety knowledge when we walked to the woods to take part in some forest school inspired activities.

Thank you David

A very big THANK YOU to David (a child’s grandad) who has come in on a number of occasions to read us stories. We have thoroughly appreciated the chosen stories and listened so intently; we always ask for more.

Musical Bumps

Musical Bumps has been a very big part of our week and Nicky has been so creative in the way she has delivered every session to the children. As the weeks progressed, we have seen children’s focus and concentration develop, the repetition of songs has increased memory and Jack the pop-up puppet has created some very loud laughter moments… he is a bit cheeky. We welcome Musical Bumps back on Tuesday’s next term.

Staff/Committee news

Donna has completed Level 1 Forest School Training. Moving forward, this is an area of learning we plan to take the preschool in. Watch this space.

At our AGM we welcomed Michelle (Ellis’ Mummy) as a new committee member and said goodbye to Mark (Tom’s daddy). The rest of the committee will be staying on to support preschool. Thank you.

We will see a few staff changes in the autumn term. Becky who has stayed with us an extra year than planned has completed her Foundation Degree in Birth and Beyond and will pursue her new role, but not before she welcomes baby No 3 in January

Johanna is also venturing onto a new challenge. Johanna has been managing preschool finances for five years and we are so grateful for her dedication to her role.

We wish both Becky and Johanna all the best in their next life adventure. We will miss them.

Parent/Carer Information

Please can I ask 5 minutes of your time to complete our online questionnaire. We really value your feedback on all aspects of preschool life and your comments help to reflect our practice. Thank you to those who have already completed it. If you think we deserve 5* why not add a review to our Facebook page.

Online parent/carer questionnaire:

St Lawrence Pre-School Facebook page St. Lawrence Pre-School - Home | Facebook

Eating out over the summer holidays either free or at a very reduced cost.

The Children’s Centre continue to provide activities for families. Booking is needed to avoid disappointment.

Photo 9.1

Outdoor Play sessions

Donna will be helping out at Bitchet Green Cricket Ground on 23rd August 2022. Why not book a slot and come and join in.

More information and activities can be found using this link. Spring House Children's Centre | Local Kent Directory

Wishing you all a lovely summer break

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